Chinese Herb Home Medicine Cabinet
herbal formulas for every home

Clear Wind & Heat
Use this formula at the first onset of catching a cold - scratchy throat, chilly feeling, and beginning of congestion in the head. Use for early stages of common colds, flu, upper respiratory tract infection, early stage bronchitis or conjunctivitis. Timing is everything! Take 8 pills every 3 to 4 hours. This formula can prevent a cold from taking hold!

Bi Yan Pian
For sinus congestion that is thick and the head feels full, this formula is safe to use to help clear the head without drying things too much. Use for nasal congestion, runny nose with thick or yellow discharge, red itchy eyes, hayfever, allergies, sinusitis. Will not cause drowsiness. Take 3 to 4 pills 3 times a day as needed for congestion.

An Mien Pian
For help getting to sleep when the spirit is agitated, this formula relaxes and calms the spirit so it can rest. Use for insomnia, excessive dreaming, agitation, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, poor memory. It is not a typical sleeping pill and is not habit forming. Take 3 pills each time, 3 times a day.

Dit Da Liniment
Made at our office using raw herbs, this liniment was formulated centuries ago to help with martial arts injuries. Good for "anything that hurts" spray on sore areas such as aching low back, sore joints, sprains, or bruises. An excellent remedy for arthritis! Do not spray on open wounds and do not take internally. Use as often as you like. Some people have skin sensitivity to some of the ingredients so if skin irritation develops discontinue use.