I have been successfully treated by Arlene over the past 3 plus years for ongoing pain issues and anxiety connected to at least 2 autoimmune diseases.  Her patience, her energy and her skill have helped me to "keep going".  I am so grateful for  her care, skill, and concern.  Truly a win/win!

Try acupuncture with an open mind and open heart.  The rewards will be numerous, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Dear Arlene et al... I would like to express my thanks for remarkable work. When I came to you in July I could not stand. My legs burned. It took me several tries to even get out of bed. 

After a few visits I saw great improvement. After several more there was even more improvement. It's a pleasure to find any type of service that undersells and over performs. 

You folks run that kind of business. You are all so caring and professional in your service AND IT WORKS! Thank you!
Phil Murray
Arlene's treatments re-balance and support my immune system at a time when my other health challenges are present. I am grateful for her help. (AM)

I knew I was in the right place when I read the sign regarding "no perfumes or fragrances in the office" in deference to those patients with chemical sensitivities. (RM)

Message to those considering acupuncture - "The benefits of acupuncture go way beyond the immediate effects of the treatment on current, presenting symptoms."

AM and RM (husband and wife)
I could not be happier with my acupuncture experience with Arlene! 

When I first arrived at the office I was close to just curling up in a corner somewhere, in the fetal position, dreading having to face the world. My anxiety and panic attacks had escalated to such a point that I found myself lost, desperate and in tears in my first session with Arlene. I couldn't drive, function at work, or at family events without having a panic attack. Slowly, over the course of the next few sessions with Arlene I found the number of panic attacks I was experiencing drastically diminishing. 

I feel like a whole new person! Confident and able to deal with life's changes and stressors without the constant dread of not knowing if this will trigger another panic attack. I cannot recommend Arlene and acupuncture enough if you suffer from anxiety and I am not exaggerating when I say that it has truly changed my life! :-)

Kim Gray
Whenever someone asks me if I know of a "good" acupuncturist, I suggest Arlene Myers. I have known Arlene for 20 years. She exemplifies the qualities that I look for in a health care professional: numerous years of experience; knowledge of and expertise in current techniques; compassion; open to working with other practitioners; to name a few. Also, Arlene is up front with her clients: if she knows that there's a diagnosis that cannot be treated well through acupuncture she will tell them. 

Recently I worked with Arlene on my chronic digestive issues. I followed an anti-inflammation diet, supplemented by a powdered smoothie shake. I had acupuncture treatments 1 time a week for 6 weeks and took 2 specific Chinese herb formulas recommended by Arlene. My digestive tract is now calmer, less painful, and my abdomen is less distended. I have learned what foods are the negative triggers for my gut (sadly, the biggest culprits are refined sugar, caffeine, and chocolate). Arlene shared nutrition tips as well as recipes to help keep me motivated. Concurrently, Arlene treated my allergy-congested sinuses and my acute low back pain which was resolved after 2 treatments. All of which makes me one grateful client. 

Over the years, if I couldn't get an appointment with Arlene, I sought out other acupuncturists, assuming all acupuncturists were similar in their approaches. These acupuncturists treated me fully clothed, with sleeves rolled up and socks off, whereas Arlene treats the entire body with needles. I don't know if that made the difference, but I did not experience the deep deep sense of total relaxation that I get at Arlene's. As nice as these practitioners were, I did not get the results that I was hoping for. 

Has Arlene cured all my ailments? No but there have been enough successes that I will continue to seek out her care and recommend her to those who ask. We are so very lucky to have her in our community.
Melinda M
Thanks to Acupuncture I have been able to live in comfort and good health. The needles help me relax when I am under stress as well as rest to recover from colds. I have been a patient for over 10 years.
Gerry Czarnetzki
We go to an allergist to have our sinuses fixed; to the cardiologist to have our heart looked after and to the GP when we have the flu, but who can we see when we need an assessment of our whole health? Arlene! 

After years of having one specialist at a time try to fix me one piece at a time, I was still miserable and on too many "big" drugs. What I needed, but didn't know it at the time, was someone to look at ME...my whole hurting self. Arlene has taught me when one part of me is acting up it's challenging other parts of my body as well. 

She also looked for the root causes of my issues and tackled them. This can't be done in one 30 minute acupuncture treatment.... it requires multiple treatments for longer periods. 

Given time acupuncture works. I no longer take any drugs, big or small and I feel better than I have felt in years. I am forever grateful to have found Arlene with her wealth of knowledge, vast experience and caring heart. 

I absolutely do not believe in any of this stuff. Energy meridians... Chi... Bah. No thank you. Except, it was the only thing that helped me. I honestly don't know what to say except that Arlene helped me tremendously. I was totally incredulous and expected nothing and I was up front about that since my first visit. As for the mundane matters, appointments are timely kept, office staff is lovely, the rooms are clean and calming. I had two hips replaced and my sister, a local family practitioner, insisted that Arlene would be a crucial part of my future well-being. As I was staying with my sister, I could hardly argue without seeming ungrateful. For the first time in our lives, my sister was right. I left every appointment feeling better, stronger and more hopeful than when I arrived. Improvements were obvious and steady and all without me "believing" any of it. Just make an appointment and go. Have your older sister take you if you have to.

C. Valdes-Dapena

I have worked with and/or received treatment from many practitioners of various wellness arts over several years.

I find that Arlene is responsible to the intent as well as the delivery of her respected craft, which has thousands of years of evidence as to its broad spectrum of benefit to health and wellbeing. There are those who are good; then there are those who are truly gifted, with the common sense and passion to support their gift with a commitment to education and a fearless openness to whatever can expand their effectiveness as a participant in deep healing. Arlene is the real deal.  I consider her a rare gem in the world of holistic and alternative medicines.

I  trust her work and her dedication to it without reservation.  I have my own experience and stories shared with me from others to back my confidence in her abilities.  She will go as far as you are willing to use her acupuncture and her extensive knowledge of healing Chinese herbs, as well as her finely honed instincts which only the exceptional develop, to facilitate core healing and restoration toward the flow of soul and body in sync.

Cinda Crull MS, MDiv, MFT
JourneyWork, Services For The New World
When my foot acted up with plantar fasciitis I knew I was in for a long stretch of pain, having had this once before. A friend said acupuncture had helped her; another friend said "Arlene is the best on the Cape." I have had four sessions since April and the treatments have done wonders! It seems the trouble isn't just in the foot. Arlene knows what she is doing, knows the body well and seems to me to be areal healer. I recommend her highly and will continue and come back often.
PRB, Falmouth, MA
I have been seeing Arlene Myers for a year now at many recommendations from friends and acquaintances her name would constantly come up. I was having hip pain, hamstring and quad pain along with lower back pain. I have been to my primary care doctor "Oh is Advil enough? no I do not think so! I have been to an orthopedic doctor I have had MRI done numerous times and have seen an arthritic doctor to rule out fibromyalgia. I have also at my last stop landed at the sandwich rehabilitation center of cape cod. I received another cortisone shot that did not work this time, and was told not to waste my money as there is nothing they can do!!! No one could find anything yet I was in pain nearly everyday struggling. I am also a fitness instructor and now was having difficulty with my spin (cycle) classes. It was becoming very depressing and debilitating as well. At the final phase I was having trouble getting out of the car and walking with a limp!! I also was having trouble sleeping on my left side because of hip discomfort so I was constantly tossing and turning. Many of the people I would talk with about this would say Have you tried Acupuncture? I would say no...I don't know if that would help at this point. I have had cortisone shots many over the course of four or five years..I have had chiropractic care physical therapy for a year nothing was helping really. I did not spin (cycle classes) for a year which was very depressing as I am an active person!! when the limping started that was it!! So I tried acupuncture with Arlene.....It was Amazing!! So much relief so Fast!!! I could not get over this!! I am in the health field why did I make this my last stop!!! now believe it or not acupuncture can actually become quite relaxing..that's right needles in your body relaxing...because acupuncture does not hurt!! If you should feel any discomfort Arlene is quick to rearrange the acupuncture points so you are in a relaxed state. My quality of life has improved immensely. My insurance does not cover this expense....but it is so worth it to feel like I am myself again doing what I love LIVING!!! My family is happy for me as well as myself!!Do not hesitate to receive acupuncture with Arlene Meyers she is your lifesaver....Let the pain release let your quality of life return!!!
Donna D'Agostino

My basic problem is Spinal Stenosis. Arlene's ability to continually mollify the symptoms has greatly increased my quality of life and my golf game.

John Zevitas

For over eleven years Arlene has helped me with numerous health issues-from Sinusitis to allergies to everything a woman experiences during her lifetime. She's always supportive and always has 100% of her focus on her patient. Simply put, she's the best!

Jean M. Neves

I moved to the Cape eight years ago and have been a devoted patient of Arlene's ever since. Once, I had injured my back and Arlene fixed the problem in only one visit. She has also helped a painful knee injury. She's great with allergy and immune system problems, and I highly recommend the acutonics (sound therapy). I am always more productive on days I have acupuncture. It's always worth the time and expense!

Rita Waldstein

It was my lucky day when I discovered acupuncture and Arlene Myers. I experienced the allergy elimination treatment and my asthma lessened to such a degree that I am now free of dependence on steroid medication (prednisone) with its dangerous side effects. My gratitude knows no bounds! Thank you!

Jane Richardson

I can't imagine how I'd feel without acupuncture and acutonics! I've been getting treated regularly for a number of years. Arlene and her skills as a practitioner have definitely enhanced the quality of my life. I no longer suffer from chronic sinus infections that used to require antibiotics and would sap my energy.

Barbara Skelley
In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through five weeks of radiation. My immune system was affected and I lost a lot of my strength. When the treatments were over, I found myself getting dizzy all the time. It was difficult to get around-even grocery shopping was exhausting. My primary care physician and a specialist couldn't figure it out. Then a friend suggested acupuncture. I started treatments and within a few months had regained my strength and my immune system was stronger. Between the acupuncture and the Chinese herbs, I also have the dizziness under control. I feel as if I have my life back! I highly recommend acupuncture, and everyone in Arlene's office are caring and wonderful people.
S.F., Sandwich, MA
I became a patient of Arlene's as a last resort. I had been suffering from dizziness for two-and-a-half years and had been to every doctor, hospital, and therapist I could think of. I was reduced to using a cane wherever I went. A friend recommended Arlene, but I was wary, since acupuncture was such a new concept to me. I needn't have worried. I put myself in Arlene's very capable hands. Soon after starting my treatments I went shopping and was in the middle of the store when I realized I no longer needed my cane. My dizziness was gone! On my next visit to Arlene, I literally danced into her treatment room. I'm so happy. My life has been returned to me and I'm a contributing member of society again. I still do not truly understand acupuncture, but I will be a true believer for the rest of my life!
B. Klimm, Hyannis, MA

We have had acupuncture treatments for the last year and a half and find them healthful and good for treating the muscle aches and pains. Acupuncture helps the body heal itself and opens up the possibility of helping you learn to relax. We have the utmost confidence in Arlene's treatments. They have improved our quality of life.

Jann & Gerry Czarnetzki

I had been treated for mid-life onset allergies for 4 years when I met Arlene. Although some treatments using Western medicine provided a modicum of relief, I was still experiencing many days where I could not fully function because of flu-like symptoms and sinus pressure. 

At the time I met Arlene, I was taking 6 different types of daily medicines in addition to weekly allergy shots and, ultimately, oral steroids.and I still felt sick most of the time. Arlene's approach was foreign to me and we embarked on 2 years of acupuncture and NAET treatments. While with Arlene, I learned a lot about Eastern approaches to whole body health. Today, I am symptom-free most of the time. I maintain my allergy shots but do not regularly take any Western medicines. I continue acupuncture with Arlene and occasionally use Chinese herbs when I feel symptomatic. More importantly, I am learning how to better balance my life and experimenting with self-healing strategies such as meditation. 

I am grateful for the quality of life I enjoy today and am so glad for the day I met Arlene.

Lisa C. Kiele, Esq.

For over 30 years I had lived with the sometimes debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Symptoms included extreme fatigue, loss of balance, slight paralysis and limited vision, with adverse reaction to bright lights, causing nausea and ultimately projecting vomiting. I was loosing the use of my eyes! No more reading! The various drug treatments were not an option due to my adverse reaction to drugs. The recurring symptoms were managed, with limited success, through rest and a controlled environment. A regular regimen of acupuncture sessions has caused significant reductions in the frequency and severity of symptoms. I now can read! There have also been marked improvement in my overall condition, personal mobility and bodily functions. Weekly visits have changed the quality of my life.

Melissa Tavilla
Acupuncture .... "I don't believe in that stuff." Spoken by a worn down, discouraged, diseased woman, 7 years ago. Now I am 75 years old, full of energy, enthusiasm, love and life! The difference has been Arlene and her amazing intuition and acupuncture skills. I was a hurting 68 year old who had been searching for answers to my pains for three years, even visiting one of the finest hospitals in the country, with no results. I had been put on powerful drugs and told I had about five different diseases. I felt awful. A persistent friend kept urging me to go to acupuncture but I didn't "believe in it." When I ran out of all other options, I finally relented, called for an appointment and went with an "I know you can't help" attitude to see Arlene. Oh, how my attitude changed! I found a warm, kind, loving professional who LISTENED and actually heard what I said. From the beginning I felt like she cared deeply. I have done everything Arlene has asked of me... everything. It has not been easy, and it certainly has not been inexpensive, however, I would change nothing. Today I am pain free, medicine free, full of energy, loving life and overwhelmingly grateful to have found Arlene. Worth every sacrifice, worth every penny, and priceless to have my life back. Thank you, Arlene .... I now believe in "that stuff!"
Marcia Dudley