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Frequently Asked


Do you accept insurance?

        -Sorry, we do not currently accept insurance

Does it hurt?

              - No. Occasionally you'll feel a slight prick, but mostly you won't feel anything. Most people fall asleep (even the ones that hate needles)

How long is a treatment?

- The initial treatment is about 90 minutes. Subsequent treatments are 45 minutes to an hour

What should I expect?

- The first session will take longer, as there will be a comprehensive intake to assess the state of your health. and discuss your desired goals. You will then lie on a treatment table while acupuncture needles are inserted in strategic locations. The needles will be retained for about 30 minutes before being removed. Patients generally experience a feeling of relaxation while the needles are inserted and often fall asleep

What should I wear? 

       - Loose, baggy clothing makes things easier, but privacy, gowns and sheets provided

Who can benefit from such treatments?

- Everyone! From preventative medicine and musculoskeletal issues to OBGYN and psychological issues, Chinese medicine is a complete form of medicine that can be of help to us all

What can acupuncture treat?

        - great question! click here

Can I still get acupuncture if nothing's wrong?

     - of course! preventative medicine is the best medicine

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