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The following astrology services are available:

Birth chart analysis:

          Your birth chart is a map of who you are, as symbolized by the position and relationships of the planets at the moment of your first breath. An interpretation of your birth chart can help identify your strengths as well as give you insight regarding those aspects of your personality that are more challenging. 

Birth chart consultations are 60 minutes.

Birth chart analysis plus current transits:

        As planets move in their orbits, they continually form new relationships with your birth chart, indicating important trends in your life. An interpretation of this movement can help you understand what planets are most influential at that point in time and how to best work with those energies to support your growth and evolution. 

Consultation is 90 minutes.

        Astrology is based on the idea that there is a meaningful relationship between the cycles of the planets and our lives on earth. It can help us to understand our personal strengths, challenges, and the gifts with which we were born. Additionally, it can provide insight into specific areas of our lives, such as our health, job, family, relationships, or finances.


A Fascinating Way to Learn More About Yourself


Introduction to Astrology Course:
         In this multi-session course, you will learn the building blocks of astrology. The planets, signs, houses, and aspects (relationships between planets)  and how these planetary energies influence your life.

You will participate in interactive discussion as well as hands-on activities with an emphasis on applying these principles to your own birth (natal) chart - the blueprint of your life. In learning to interpret your chart, you will learn more about your strengths, needs, challenges, and potential choices. This course is for individuals with limited or no prior experience of astrology. 

Next course TBA.

Available with Debra L. Avery

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