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Sound Healing


        Sound Healing is a powerful yet non-invasive modality that integrates sound into every treatment and draws on the therapeutic roots of Oriental Medicine and Energy Healing. Our bodies respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states of consciousness.

          Tuning forks, which are aligned to the frequencies of the planets, are applied to specific acupuncture, acupressure, and trigger points on the body. They are able to access the meridian and chakra energy systems on a deep cellular level and can address issues that are both psychological and physical.

          During a "re-tuning" treatment, the sound practitioner re-calibrates and realigns the energy centers of the body, assists in the release of unwanted blocks and helps restore the individual to a state of balance and harmony. Benefits include stress reduction, memory improvement, lowered blood pressure, and increased natural healing.

Available with Debra L. Avery

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